Your donation will fund inflammatory breast cancer research. image

Your donation will fund inflammatory breast cancer research.


The purpose of The IBC Network Foundation is to fund research to stop inflammatory breast cancer in its tracks, forever.

It is important to know how your donation is utilized.

The mission of the IBC Network Foundation is dedicated specifically to fund medical research for inflammatory breast cancer.

The following graphic reflects why our mission is so needed.
This shows breast cancer grants over the last 20 years

If you wish to make your donation by check, please DOWNLOAD THIS FORM and mail to:

The IBC Network Foundation
P. O. Box 908
Sealy, TX 77474

As of February 1, 2024 we have released a total of $1,798,114.66 for inflammatory breast cancer research.

Recent funding includes:

$45,302 to The James, The Ohio State University Dr. Lori Gill-Grennan Inflammatory Breast Cancer Fund. This funding supports education, research, and clinical activities for inflammatory breast cancer and/or program promotion or operational costs related to the inflammatory breast cancer program at Ohio State University. The research funded under this effort is Dr. Daniel Stover.

$38,452.12 Additional funding for Marissa N. Rylander, Ph.D. and Ph.D. student Melika Mehrabi Dehdezi, BSC will be conducting the research. The project will develop the first Breast-Skin microfluidic experimental platform to dynamically and spatially measure cancer cell invasion into the dermal layer, skin lymphatics, and breast vasculature characteristic of IBC. This platform will be employed to determine the cellular components and tissue properties that drive IBC cancer cell migration to enable development of potential treatments and preventive strategies.

Visit to see the complete list of research funded.