It's for life saving research. image

It's for life saving research.

2023 Fall Fundraiser

$89,147 raised

$150,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Make us your charity of choice.

We are a charity, but we are working hard to correct an injustice in the healthcare system, to educate and fund research for inflammatory breast cancer. So please add a layer to our charity mission, and think of us as Justice seekers.

In addition to research funding, educating about IBC and the work of The IBC Network Foundation is also vital. Encourage others to learn about this lesser-known form of breast cancer and support efforts to improve detection, treatment, research and support for those affected by it. Join us. Become a Justice seeker by supporting us. Together we can address this injustice and improve outcomes for all individuals facing inflammatory breast cancer.

IBC research is limited, so because of this fact, the IBC Network Foundation operates a little differently than some other funding charities. We don’t issue a yearly open call for applications. We work under an invitation process. We have identified parties who have interest and the infrastructure to have sustainable research conducted regarding inflammatory breast cancer. Currently we have invitations out to Dana Farber, Duke, MD Anderson, University of Hawaii, and Vanderbilt.

So far in our conversations we feel we will be given requests that will total at least $500,000. Which is in total a fairly modest amount. As we know more details of the individual projects, we will release that information. In the meantime, we hope you will donate, and help us be ready, so that we can fund those projects as quickly as possible.